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Tässä etukäteisinfoa tulevasta CLE:stä:
Hello All
Joachim and I have a different – and rather special – Holiday CLE for you this time, based on a suggestion from Alan.
Flights are not quite ‘flavour of the month’ just now, but we are inviting you, in complete safety, to plan your own flight - and pilot it!
Between 25th December and 3rd January you are invited to make a flight of your choice by logging NDBs along the way, as many pilots would have done in the old days!
The main challenge is that the receiver for doing that will be yours, at your home (or at a Remote if you prefer that)    
You could choose a flight from home (e.g. to a favourite holiday destination) starting at your nearest active NDB and finishing far away, as NDB reception allows.
Or you could make a ‘round trip’, there and back, maybe to a special place, far or near, with interesting places along the way.
Or you could start – and/or finish - from ANY active NDB.  In fact “The Sky’s the Limit” – literally - because it will limit the DX signals that you can hear.
We are hoping that a lot of interesting and varied flights will be made.
We did things a bit like this for a one-night(!) ‘Festive Flight’ CLE073 (Christmas 2005) and ‘Fun Flight’ CLE196 in the summer of 2015.  This time there is plenty of scope for you to choose something unusual and Joachim has now added maps that will show everyone’s flight.   Here is our first ‘dummy run’ – an inland flight from Rio de Janeiro in Brazil, via Paraguay and Uruguay, to Buenos Aires in Argentina and back along the Atlantic coast.  That would be practicable if you live in the south of Brazil or if you could find a good Remote receiver there – it would be a near miracle for me to log even one of the 19 NDBs from Europe!
Logs will be the same as for normal CLEs, but you must log the NDBs in the correct sequence for your journey.  Your time between making two adjacent NDB loggings could be minutes, hours or days!   We may ask you to add sequence numbers to your loggings to be sure that we get them in the right order.
So, where will you be flying?  Time to think about what you might do.  
You will find (Worldwide) RWW very helpful.  Select  New, Signals, and √NDB,  Your chosen Region: Focus, Countries or Grid Square(s),  Active status, and finally Map.
There will be more information and suggestions in the real ‘Early Advice’, about a week before Christmas Day, and we’ll sent the Final Details on about 22nd December.
Good planning!
  Brian and Joachim
PS  We know that logging NDBs using Pskov is special in that the program logs multiple different NDBs during a session of maybe an hour or so, and normally gives the same time stamp to many or all of the NDBs ‘heard’ during that period.   That is whether those signals were present for all of that time or only briefly at some time during it.   So the sequence in which two or more of the loggings were made could not be shown by their log times for this CLE.  Even ONE of the loggings would have an uncertain time stamp.   It means that only one CLE logging could be used for the period of each Pskov session.
Joachim and I have sought advice on how ‘listeners’ might be able to enjoy this CLE using Pskov without the difficulties that those uncertainties would cause.
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