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CLE 239 (Luettu 629 kertaa)


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CLE 239
17.12.18 - 08:38:30
Hi all
For our main holiday CLE we are returning to an old favourite -
one of the much-enjoyed Pyramid CLEs, our 6th.
It is only a little more than a week away:
    Days:      Tuesday 25 Dec. to Wednesday 2 Jan.
    Times:     Midday - Midday, your LOCAL Time
    Frequencies:    190 - 1740 kHz
    Beacons:   Normal NDBs (not DGPS, Navtex or amateur)
The challenge is to build a size 10 pyramid from bottom to top by logging:
    10 different NDBs from any radio country of your choice,
     9 different NDBs from any other radio country,
     8 different NDBs from any other radio country,
         - - -  etc.,  all the way to:
     2 different NDBs from any other radio country
       WITHOUT LEAVING ANY GAPS in the numbers.
Your pyramid should also have a vertical aerial on top of it, made with JUST
10 NDBs, each one of them from another DIFFERENT radio country.
Here is an imaginary example, maybe for a listener in France.
Each B is a different Beacon:
                      B             PTR    1 ndb
                      B             RUS    1 ndb
                      B             ITA    1 ndb
                      B             LUX    1 ndb
                      B             FRO    1 ndb
                      B             BEL    1 ndb
                      B             ESP    1 ndb
                      B             SCT    1 ndb
                      B             SVK    1 ndb
                      B             AUT    1 ndb
                    B  B             POL    2 ndbs
                  B  B  B             HOL    3 ndbs
                B  B  B  B             SWE    4 ndbs
              B  B  B  B  B             DNK    5 ndbs
            B  B  B  B  B  B             ENG    6 ndbs
          B  B  B  B  B  B  B             CZE    7 ndbs
        B  B  B  B  B  B  B  B             FIN    8 ndbs
      B  B  B  B  B  B  B  B  B             FRA    9 ndbs
     B  B  B  B  B  B  B  B  B  B             DEU   10 ndbs
NB:  It must be a DIFFERENT country at every level
       and NO DISCONTINUITY (gap) in the pyramid.
A 'country' means a radio country as defined in our Countries List
Each of the USA contiguous States, each Australian State and each Canadian
Province is a separate radio country (a 2-letter code).
All other radio country codes have 3 letters.
Your NDBs can be logged in any sequence during the CLE period.
Making a size 10 pyramid (with its size 10 vertical aerial on top) may sound
easy, but it could be a real challenge for some of us.
However, you DON'T HAVE TO STOP there. If you have enjoyed it, and if time
allows, you could go on to build your pyramid as big as you are able.
You might finish with a size 15 pyramid, with 15 NDBs heard in the 'bottom'
country and with its vertical aerial of JUST 15 extra countries on the top.
(Some of us may reach size 20.  Even 30 has been achieved by one or two
listeners on both sides of the Atlantic - but that is really tough!)
You will probably enjoy planning how to go about your pyramid listening.
A high number country - perhaps your own or an adjacent radio country - may
be easy to get.  However, the 'no gaps' rule will probably mean that some of
the other numbers are quite difficult.
You will find you have too many loggings from some countries.
If you want, you could tell us about those 'rejects' - show them AT THE END
of your log, or in a separate non-CLE email.
Our last Pyramid CLE was three years ago - CLE201 (Dec 2015).
For further important advice on how to present your log, etc., please look
out for our Final Details email at the weekend.
WARNING!  You might get seriously hooked on listening during this CLE.
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