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CLE 231 (Luettu 309 kertaa)

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CLE 231
26.04.18 - 10:14:46
From: Brian Keyte
Date: Wed, 25 Apr 2018 02:44:30 PDT
Hello all,
Our special 'Channels Challenge' listening event is nearly here:
Days: Friday 27 April - Monday 30 April
Times: Start and end at midday, your LOCAL time
Range: 275 kHz - 425 kHz
Target: ANY ONE NDB in each channel
The main challenge is to try and log ONE NDB in each of the 151
channels in the range from 275 kHz up to 425 kHz inclusive.
The last time we did this was in CLE207 in May 2016.
The 'channel' means the NDB's NOMINAL (published) frequency
(it may not be quite where you heard the Morse ident).
An NDB on a 'half frequency' would be OK. E.g. 321.5 kHz would be
OK for channel 321 (show it in your log, of course, as 321.5 kHz).
Each NDB must be a 'normal' one - no DGPS, NAVTEX or amateur.
(If you hear any UNIDs, please show them in a separate list).
So it means a highest possible target of 151 CLE loggings in all - that
will be just about impossible for everyone!
If you have extra time and want to make the challenge more interesting
you could hunt for NDBs which:
# give you the greatest number of DIFFERENT RADIO COUNTRIES heard.
See our Countries list at http://www.ndblist.info/beacons/countrylist.pdf
(Each State/Province in USA, CAN and AUS is a separate radio country)
# OR give the greatest TOTAL DISTANCE from you to all of the NDBs.
# OR include the greatest number of channels with MIDDAY LOGGINGS
i.e. heard within 2 hours of midday by your local clock time BEFORE
any adjustment for daylight saving, etc.
Send your 'Final' CLE log to the List, ideally as a plain text email
(not in an attachment) with CLE231 and FINAL at the start of its title.
Please show on EVERY LINE of your log:
# The full date or day no. e.g. '2018-04-27' or '27'
and UTC (the day changes at 00:00 UTC).
# kHz - the beacon's nominal published frequency.
# The Call Ident.
Show those main items FIRST on every line, before other optional details
such as Location, Distance, Offsets, Cycle times, etc.
As always, tell us your location and brief details of your receiver, aerial,
We will send the usual 'Any More Logs?' email at about 17:00 UTC on
Tuesday so that you can check that your log has been found OK.
Do make sure that your log has arrived on the List at the very latest
by 08:00 UTC on Wednesday 2 May.
Then we hope to complete making the combined results in a day or two.
Good hunting,
Brian and Joachim
From: Brian Keyte G3SIA ndbcle'at'gmail.com
Location: Surrey, SE England (CLE coordinator)
(Reminder: You could use any one remote receiver for your loggings,
stating its location and owner - with their permission if required.
A remote listener may NOT also use another receiver, whether local
or remote, to obtain further loggings for the same CLE).
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