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CLE 221 (Luettu 977 kertaa)


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CLE 221
27.07.17 - 07:01:59
Hello all,
For our end-of-July CLE we are back to a straightforward event, listening  
for the NDBs in a narrow frequency range.  
First-time CLE logs will be extra welcome from our newer members -  
and logs from regulars and old-timers too!
Days: Friday 28 - Monday 31 July
Times: Start and end at midday, your LOCAL TIME
Range: 370 - 384.9 kHz
Although quite a small frequency range, it is packed with lots of signals
for most of us. It is surprising how extra NDBs can be heard by listening
carefully at a few different times of day and night.
We last used this range back in February 2016 for CLE204, so most of us  
can expect a very different set of conditions.
Just log all the NDBs you can identify that are listed in the range
It includes 370 kHz, but not 385 kHz, plus any UNIDs that you come
across there.
Please look out for the Final Details a few days before the start.
Good listening
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