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CLE 207 (Luettu 610 kertaa)


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CLE 207
24.05.16 - 14:56:45
Hi all
Here comes a Listening Event 'Special', an idea that was very popular when
we first tried it in CLE170 (May 2013) and then in CLE189 (Dec/Jan 2014/15).
37 and 49 listeners sent logs in those CLEs, both extra high numbers for the  
time of year. Both times listeners asked for the idea to be repeated, so here  
is our third 'Channels Challenge'.
Days: Friday 27 May - Monday 30 May
Times: Start and end at midday, your LOCAL time
Range: 275 kHz (or 325) - 425 kHz (see below)
Target: Try to log ANY ONE NDB in each channel
The 'channel' means the NDB's nominal (published) frequency.
NB: 345.5 kHz would be OK for channel 345, etc.
So it means a possible maximum of 151 loggings in all, though
that would be almost miraculous!
All the NDBs must be 'normal' ones (no DGPS, Amateur, etc.)
and preferably no UNIDs in your main list.
Yes - it does include those challenging NDBs in the DGPS range.
If you don't fancy that, or if you don't have enough time, you can
try the reduced challenge of 325-425 kHz, with a possible total of
101 NDBs - still very hard indeed for most of us to achieve.
To add extra interest you could also choose to:
Maximise the number of radio countries you hear or
Maximise the total distance to the NDBs you hear or
Maximise the number of 'midday' loggings - i.e. NDBs logged
within 2 hours of midday by your local winter clock time.
It will be extra tough for North America listeners, with their many
'empty' channels, short nights and high levels of summer static.
Southern Hemisphere and Europe listeners will be more lucky.
Please look out for the 'Final Details' a few days before the start.
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