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CLE 195 (Luettu 784 kertaa)


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CLE 195
13.06.15 - 17:45:12
Hi all
Our 195th Co-ordinated Listening Event, coming in a few days, will be
rather a challenge (we like those, don't we?)!
Days: Friday 19 June - Monday 22 June (a week early)
Times: Start and end at midday, your LOCAL time
Range: 270.0 - 319.9 kHz (NOT DGPS beacons)
Yes - it does include most of the DGPS frequencies, but it is 50 kHz wide,
about three times more than usual. We shall be listening only for the
We last searched for NDBs on these frequencies in CLE180 (March 2014).
We shall all have at least one end of the range for some comfortable
listening, but the main challenge will be to find the Morse signals among
all the DGPS noises. REU and RNA show that, since the start of last year,
about 270 and 200 normal NDBs respectively have been reported there.
There are several to be heard by our members 'down under' as well.
Please look out for the 'Final Details', which as usual will follow about
two days before the start.
This will be our third 'normal' listening event in 3 months. Next month
we'll have a complete contrast - a 'fun' event which I think you will enjoy.
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