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11.12.14 - 13:46:37
Dear DSCdecoder user.
I am writing to you as a registered licence holder for DSCdecoder.
I have been asked by Jason Webb of MarineCom in New Zealand to circulate the attached document to all those who hold a current licence for the DSCdecoder software from COAA and who might regularly receive HF or VHF DSC data.
Jason is asking for feeds of this data from around the world and I understand there may be funds available for those who can contribute regularly the data that Jason is seeking.  Jason can provide details of how to configure DSCdecoder to send the data automatically to his server  
If, having read the text below, you think you may be able to help Jason with his data collection task, please contact him directly.  His email address is at the foot of the attached text.
If you are not using DSCdecoder to receive HF or VHF DSC data, then please ignore this message.
Hello DSC Decoder user,
I would like to introduce myself, my name is Jason Webb, and my company is called MarineCom. You can
find us here - www.marinecom.co.nz
I would like to ask for your support in a project we have been asked to undertake. We need to collect as
much DSC data as possible, especially VHF DSC.
Currently, I am looking for about 6-8more HF DSC sites to send us data, and as many VHF DSC sites as
We are prepared to make compensation to you, for a constant feed of DSC data. In exchange for sending
us a 24/7 feed of your data, we will make a monthly remuneration.
So far, we have approval for 8-10 more HF DSC receivers, but we still need approval for VHF DSC funding.
So, I need your assistance to provide me with a few months of live VHF DSC data so I can put together a
report for funding approval.
You will require the COAA DSC Decoder for this project along with your Radio and Antenna setup, and
sharing will be set in the ‘UDP/IP’ output of the DSC Decoder settings. It is possible - on a case by case
basis - that I can assist with COAA DSC licenses.
Should you have friends or colleagues who have a spare radio/pc please ask them to contact me.
Thank you for your assistance. Please contact me to organize sharing your feed or if you have any
questions. Please Include your location (lat/long would be very helpful) when emailing.
Kind Regards
Jason Webb
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