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CLE 182 (Luettu 853 kertaa)


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CLE 182
21.05.14 - 07:17:41
Hi all,
Here are the brief details for our 182nd Co-ordinated Listening Event:
Days: Friday 23 May to Monday 26 May
Times: Start and end at midday, your LOCAL TIME
Range: 240.0 - 259.9 kHz plus 420.0 - 439.9 kHz
(BOTH ranges are for ALL listeners)
Please listen for the NDBs whose nominal frequencies are in those ranges,
plus any UNIDs you hear there.
The last time we looked specially at these frequencies was in CLE162
in October 2012.
The HF range will be really challenging from North America.
The LF range will be VERY challenging from most of Europe!
First-time CLE logs will also be very welcome from anyone, anywhere.
Please look out for the final details in a day or two.
Good listening
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