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22.09.10 - 15:59:40
United States supports new secondary MF Amateur Radio allocations
The ARRL reports that the United States is supporting new secondary
Amateur Radio allocation at 461-469 kHz and 471-478 kHz.
The Federal Communications Commission and the National Telecommunications
and Information Administration (NTIA) - the spectrum regulators for
United States private sector and government users, respectively - have
agreed to support a secondary MF allocation to the Amateur Radio Service
at 461-469 kHz and 471-478 kHz at the 2012 World Radiocommunication
Conference (WRC-12), to be held in Geneva, Switzerland from January
23-February 17, 2010.
FCC and NTIA officials formally presented the proposal at a meeting of
the Second Permanent Consultative Committee (PCC.II) of the Inter-American
Telecommunication Commission (CITEL), held August 30-September 3 in
Fortaleza, Brazil.
Read the full ARRL story at
http://www.arrl.org/news/view/united-states-supports-secondary-amateur-radio-all ocation-at-461-469-and-471-478-khz
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