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13.08.22 - 13:21:51
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Photos of USCG NMR - Isabella, PR (Luettu 4411 kertaa)
Chuck Rippel


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Photos of USCG NMR - Isabella, PR
22.10.09 - 16:35:46
Hello all!  I am the Monitoring Officer for USCG CAMSLANT in Chesapeake, VA USA and have also been an active SWBC/MW/NDB and NAVTEX DX'er for over 40 years.
I thought you might enjoy photos of our San Juan (Actually located in Isabella, PR) NAVTEX site which I took on a recent visit.
- 2.5KW NAUTEL Transmitter and UPS System -

- 300' Antenna -

We will soon be offering a Coast Guard DX recognition certificate for DX'ers who are able to copy all 6 our NAVTEX transmitters which are located:
NMA- Miami, FL
NME- Charleston, SC
NMF- Boston, MA
NMN- Portsmouth, VA (actually, transmitter is located in Pungo (Virginia Beach) VA)
NMG- New Orleans, LA
NMR- San Juan, PR (actually transmitter is located in Isabella, PR)
Chuck Rippel
Chesapeake, VA
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