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Aiheen aloittaja OH5YW Pvm 18.02.19 - 11:47:41

Aihe: CLE 241
Kirjoittaja OH5YW Pvm 18.02.19 - 11:47:41

Hello all

Our 241st Co-ordinated Listening Event is next weekend.  
Do join in if you can.   First-time CLE logs will also be very welcome.

  Days:   Fri. 22 Feb. - Mon. 25 Feb.,  Midday-Midday, your local time
  Frequencies:    NDBs from 190 - 239.9 kHz
  PLUS:   Normal NDBs with carriers on 'half-way' frequencies ‘nnn.5 kHz’
                                 (from 190.5 - 999.5 kHz)

Both halves are for everyone to try.

Away from Europe many of the frequencies below 240 kHz are busy with
NDBs.  In Europe there are very few, but some DX ones might be heard
from North America and maybe from a few other places.

The normal NDBs which have carriers on the 'half-way' frequencies
e.g. 267.5 OPW,  333.5 VOG,  370.5 LB, 390.5 ITR, 433.5 HEN (not DGPS)
are scattered across Europe but there are very few of them elsewhere.
'Hot spots' are ENG and ITA.
These half-frequencies usually give comfortable QRM-free listening
and probably some good catches as a result.
America has only one or two (e.g. 381.5 SJX in MI) but East and West
coasters might hear some DX ones.

We last used these 'rules' for CLE225 in November 2017.
Please look out for the Final Details about two days before the CLE.


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