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Aiheen aloittaja OH5YW Pvm 18.06.17 - 09:35:59

Aihe: CLE 220
Kirjoittaja OH5YW Pvm 18.06.17 - 09:35:59

Hello all

How many normal NDBs can you log around midday?
Daytime listening is one aspect of our hobby not usually badly affected
by the summertime interference from storms, unless they are quite near.

Signals arriving by ground wave are usually stable and predictable around
midday in summer, so NDBs that give borderline reception then are really
good benchmarks to make improvements in our listening stations.
If you choose NDBs with weak signals and at various compass bearings, you
will be more sure whether changes you make have really improved reception,
and from which directions. (If you use a rotatable loop or a mini-whip you
probably already have good all-round reception. A long wire can work very
well indeed, but it gives poor reception from the directions at right angles
to it. If you can manage it, switching between two long wires that are
approximately at right angles to each other can be very effective.)
Maybe you can try the CLE from a 'field' location instead of from home?

Days: Fri. 23 June - Mon. 26 June
Times: Within 2 hours of ‘real’ Midday (see below)
QRG: 190 - 1740 kHz
NDBs Normal NDBs plus any UNIDs (not DGPS or NAVTEX)

### IMPORTANT ## If your house clocks have moved one hour
forward for 'summer time' (or 'daylight saving'), your listening times
on all four days will be from 11 in the morning to 3 in the afternoon
on your local clocks.
If your clocks were NOT changed (e.g. everywhere in the Southern
Hemisphere where it is now mid-winter) your times each day will be
from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.
(The above matches our agreed definition for daytime listening)
Of course, all logs will show UTC times, as always.

We last had a Summer Midday CLE rather like this one way back in
July 2008!

Please look out for the Final Details containing additional advice
a few days before the event starts.


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