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Aiheen aloittaja OH5YW Pvm 19.04.17 - 14:23:29

Aihe: CLE 218
Kirjoittaja OH5YW Pvm 19.04.17 - 14:23:29

Hello all

Our 218th Co-ordinated Listening Event is less than a week away.
Just a normal CLE using a busy range of frequencies which usually
attracts a lot of interest.
First-timers' CLE logs will also be very welcome, as always.

Days: Friday 21 April - Monday 24 April
Times: Start and end at midday, your LOCAL time
Range: 335.0 - 349.9 kHz

Please join us wherever you are - just log the NDBs you can identify
having their nominal frequencies in the range (it includes 335 kHz
but not 350 kHz) and any UNIDs that you come across there too.

We last concentrated on these frequencies for CLE200 in Nov. 2015
when 55 of us joined in.

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