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Aiheen aloittaja RKA Pvm 25.10.06 - 15:32:47

Aihe: Navtex QSL:t
Kirjoittaja RKA Pvm 25.10.06 - 15:32:47

Tämä on minun ensimmäinen Navtex QSL !

FRO(Faroes) 518 OXJ,Tórshavn      [D/ Navarea 1.      62° 00' N      06° 47' W

Lähetysajat: 0030, 0430, 0830, 1230, 1630, 2030

Tälläinen iloinen viesti oli saapunut eilen illalla sähköpostilla:

Hello Raimo

Thank you for the report ref. our Navtex transmissions.

Yes, we have startet to test our new Navtex equipment. The transmitter is located at pos. 62 00,52 N and 06 47,27 W. We have used 300 to 500 Watts until now, but we are able to transmit with 1000 Watts.

In the future, we will also be relaying messages from Iceland. Hope to be ready in a months time as we are updating our Computer network.

Best regards (73)

Poul operator/Tórshavn Radio

Aihe: Re: Navtex QSL:t
Kirjoittaja OH5YW Pvm 26.10.06 - 12:48:14

RKA on saanut lisää infoa:

Hey again Raimo !

Thank you for your acknowledge receipt.

I have also find two pictures from our Picasa archive. The first one is
two of our radiooperators - Heri and Johannes. The location is Torshavn
Radio. The other picture, is Heri, Niels and Poul (Poul in front, Heri
in background), on a day off longline fishingtrip just outside Torshavn.
You can find many more pictures, taken from helicopter, of our small and
beautiful country on this address:
http://www.atlantic.fo/Default.asp?sida=1999 Clik on a island or
villagename, and you will find some pictures from this place.
You can find a way to Faroes via Denmark or Norway. There is two hours
flytime from Copenhagen. 36 hours by ferry from Hanstholm (DK), or 20
hours from Bergen (NO)

Best regards to you and yours !

Poul / opr. Torshavn Radio



toimeksi saaneena: kari

Aihe: Re: Navtex QSL:t, Islannin Navtex
Kirjoittaja RKA Pvm 15.04.08 - 12:20:07


Acknowledge of reception report / QSL.

Mr. Raimo Karjalainen.

Dear sir.

I hope this finds you in good health and spirits.

We have received your "Reception report" and can confirm that the details of our transmissions are correct.

However the station has no offical QSL cards as such.

The transmitters we use are new Futronic T507M-D from Danphone, 1KW, but usually set at about 5-600w.
The station has two of these, one in Grindavik (SW coast) with id: X and another at Saudanes (close to Siglufjordur in N coast) id: R on 518/490khz.
In close future the id´s will change on 490khz. For the tx in Grindavik the id will be K (Kilo) and Saudanes will become E (Echo). Trials have started already, plans to make this operational by the end of July.

Currently the stations in the Icelandic maritime mobile service are going through a lot of changes.
In 2005 the last two radio stations were integraded with the Icelandic ship mandatory reporting system.
Aprox. year later the Icelandic Coast Guards operations center was combined as well.
All in all these entities make up what is called The Icelandic Maritime Traffic Center, manned by personel from ICG. Most of us are former radio operators, navigators/captains and such.
IMTC handles many things but when need calls it becomes MRCC Reykjavik an operating Maritime Rescue Co-ordination Center in all maritime SAR cases within Icelands SAR area (which is quite big).

Björgólfur Ingason, Controller,
Icelandic Coast Guard, Operations.

This message has been scanned for viruses and
dangerous content by MailScanner, and is
believed to be clean.

Aihe: Re: Navtex QSL:t, Kanada
Kirjoittaja RKA Pvm 21.08.08 - 07:31:14

Ohessa pdf- tiedostona postia Kanadasta :D!

Tämä oli viime syyskuussa vastaanotettu minulle ainoa Kanadalainen, jonka kuulun viime syksyn CLE- tapahtumassa, jolloin kuunneltiin viikonlopun yli taajuutta 490 kHz!  Raportoin aseman kun oli aikalailla kaukainen ja harvinainen, vastaus kesti liki  11 kk! Pitää vielä yrittää kiittää kirjeellä, lupailivat jopa QSL- korttia! Raportoin asemia myös kirjepostilla asemia vaikka pääsääntöisesti raportoin sähköpostin kautta, tälle asemalle en muistaakseni lähettänyt sähköpostia, koska varmaa E-mail osoitetta en tuolloin löytänyt!



Aihe: Re: Navtex QSL:t
Kirjoittaja ua1ava Pvm 03.10.09 - 20:44:17

some navtex QSL from my collections

Nicosia Navtex Cyprus Radio



Aihe: Re: Navtex QSL:t
Kirjoittaja ua1ava Pvm 03.10.09 - 21:01:14

Norway Rogaland Radio

Aihe: Re: Navtex QSL:t
Kirjoittaja ua1ava Pvm 03.10.09 - 21:04:41

Icelandic Navtex QSL answer

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